We have all sorts of devices that work with our smartphones, and today we have a special bracelet that will keep track of your body temperature.

Checking body temperature is relatively easy, but it can get tiresome, especially if you need to check the temperature several times per day. iTherm is a special bracelet that can measure human body temperature, and you can view the results on your smartphone. This device uses Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, and it allows you to keep track of someone’s body temperature as long as that person is wearing iTherm. In addition, you can set iTherm to alert you if the body temperature passes a certain threshold. This device will save you a lot of time, and it will make the processes of checking body temperature a lot easier, especially if you have a child.

iTherm sounds useful, and currently this device is just an Indiegogo project, so if you want to see this device available, you might want to pledge to its funding.

[via Ubergizmo]

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