Facebook introduces new Nearby Friends feature

On April 23, 2014, in Social Networking, by Mike Jefferson

Facebook is constantly introducing new features, and recently Facebook has introduced a new feature called Nearby Friends that should help you get together with your friends.

This new feature will share your location with your friends, but if you’re concerned about your privacy you should know that this feature is completely optional. In order to see which friends are available nearby you’ll have to turn on the Nearby Friends feature, and just like News Feed, this feature has complex sharing options so you can choose with whom you want to share your nearby location. You can share your exact location with a friend for specified amount of time, and that could be extremely useful if you want to find and meet up with your friends easier. This feature uses your GPS, and according to Facebook, this feature won’t be too harsh on your battery life, since it will turn off tracking if you’re not moving.

If you’re concerned about your privacy we should mention that this feature is optional and no one will see your location unless you turn this feature on. As for the availability, we should see this feature as a part of Facebook app soon.

[via Gizmodo]

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