We have seen devices with multiple functionality before, but today we have a special briefcase that you can transform into electric scooter.

Commute-case electric scooter is created by Green Energy Motors, and you can use it as a briefcase to carry your stuff, or simply transform it into electric scooter and ride it. Although you can use this device as a briefcase, you should know that it weighs 27 pounds, so it won’t be that light to carry around. If you get tired you can simply raise the handlebars and fold out front and rear wheels out of the device and start riding it. There are also side steps that you can fold down, so you’ll have the place to put your feet while riding. We don’t know how fast this scooter can go, but you can travel up to 25 miles per single charge.

Commute-case electric scooter sounds interesting, but we have to warn you that it doesn’t come with a seat, so you’ll have to keep standing while riding it. As for the price, this electric scooter is priced at $5990.

[via SlashGear]

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