We know that iPhone can do all sorts of things when combined with its accessories, and speaking of which, today we have a special accessory that will monitor your health via your iPhone.

Azoi has successfully created a device in a form of iPhone case that reads and measures all sorts of vital signs just by using your iPhone. Wello looks like a standard iPhone case with black plastic cover, and while it protects your iPhone, this case comes with tiny chip and built-in sensors inside. You just need to hold your fingers over the sensors for a few seconds and sensors will record your vital information such as blood oxygen level, blood pressure, electrocardiography (ECG), heart rate, respiration and temperature. In addition, this case can read lung functions as well by using spirometer attachment. All collected information is transferred to your iPhone via Bluetooth 4, and you can view the information using the dedicated app.

Wello case is available for pre-order, and we should see it available for sale in the US this fall for $199 a piece.

[via Ubergizmo]

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