Charging your smartphone can be a hassle, especially if you don’t like dealing with wires and power outlets, and if that’s the case you might be interested in this wireless charger.

BEZALEL has announced its ARK charger, and this charger is based on the Qi wireless charging standard which means that there is a wide range of smartphones compatible with it right out of the box. We have to mention that iPhone won’t be compatible with this charger, but you’ll get a special case shipped with the charger that lets you pass this limitation. There are also compatibility issues with Samsung’s devices, and you’ll need to attach a special patch to its battery in order to get them to work with this charger. ARK charger looks and works like a regular wireless charger, but according to its creators, this charger is 20% faster than a normal wireless charger and 5% faster than a charging case. ARK can also hold up to three full charges, and in case you don’t have a device that supports wireless charging you can always recharge them using the built-in USB ports.

BEZALEL ARK charger started out as Kickstarter project, but it has reached its funding which means that we should see it available for sale soon enough.

[via Ubergizmo]

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