Working out is important, but if you don’t have motivation to do so maybe a device that charges your smartphone while you work out could provide you with necessary motivation?

PULSE Kinetic Jump Rope looks like a regular jumping rope, but it can be used to recharge your smartphone as well. This jump rope comes with a built-in dynamos that generate energy with every spin of the rope, and that energy is stored in the rechargeable battery. After you’ve done with working out you can connect your smartphone to PULSE Kinetic Jump Rope in order to recharge it. We have no information how many jumps are needed to recharge your smartphone, but we assume that you’ll need some intensive workout sessions in order to fully recharge your smartphone.

PULSE Kinetic Jump Rope is a great idea, although it is still in prototype phase. This device is available in limited beta test, and you can get your own for $129.

[via Technabob]

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