We have to agree that our smartphones are great, but they have one big drawback, and it’s their battery life, but if you’re a proud owner of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 today we have a special case for your smartphone that will extend the battery life of your device.

This case is made by ZeroLemon and it comes with 10,000mAh battery and NFC support. We have to warn you that such large battery life comes with a price, so this case will add some bulk to your device. This case is compatible with all versions of Note 3 with standard or extended batteries, but due to its thickness this case will block the NFC from working. Fortunately for you, this case has its own NFC chip. In addition, there’s also a kickstand attachment that will allow you to prop up your phone while using this case. Case comes with its own fitted screen protector, but you can use any other screen protector or none at all.

ZeroLemon’s case is amazing, if you don’t mind some extra bulk, and as for the price, you can get this case for $59.99 from Amazon.

[via Android Police]

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