Sociable Trash Box will remind you to pick up the trash

On January 24, 2014, in Robotics, by Mike Jefferson

Keeping our environment clean by picking up our trash is quite important, but if you’re a bit lazy or messy, today we have a special robot that will remind you to pick up the trash.

Sociable Trash Box robots are actually robotic trash cans and these trash cans will remind you to pick up the trash. These robots are created by researchers at the Interaction and Communication Design Lab at Aichi Prefecture’s Toyohashi University of Technology, and they are designed to detect trash that lies on the ground. After detecting the trash using its onboard camera and multiple sensors, Sociable Trash Box robot will move around and try to get people’s attention in order for them to pick up the trash.

Sociable Trash Box robot might be perfect for you especially if you’re a messy person or just too lazy to pick up the trash. As for availability, we don’t know whether these robots will be available for sale.

[via Ubergizmo]

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