Lenovo has been able to provide their customers with a wide variety of first-class devices over the years. Even though this company hasn’t experienced the same level of brand recognition as several of its primary competitors, such as Sony and Samsung, Lenovo has still made a name for itself when it comes to delivering high-quality products.



Whether it is a laptop computer or mobile tablet, millions of consumers have been able to build trust and reliability in Lenovo, which is why there are so many consumers and critics eagerly anticipating the release of the ThinkVision 28 4K display, their newest high-definition monitor.

Simple yet Captivating Features
From the very first moment the average consumer sets their eyes on the specifications of this revolutionary display, they will more than likely be blown away by the mere existence of this type of top-notch quality. For example, the multi-touch screen display is able to deliver a superior 3,840 x 2,160-pixel resolution which automatically elevates it toward the top of the list when compared to many of Lenovo’s top competitors. However, studies have confirmed that it goes much further than that. Therefore, it’s no wonder that technology blogs like Techcoon.com are getting abuzz about the possibility of this particular device taking the market by storm in the coming days.

A 28-Inch Android Device
Keep in mind that the Lenovo ThinkVision 28 4K display was specifically designed and programmed as an Android-powered device. Many people cannot even imagine having access to a 28-inch monitor that doubles as a high-end Android device as well, but Lenovo has made that possible in addition to integrating several HDMI ports along with a DisplayPort and Ethernet cable port into its design as well. This impressive monitor is also going to come fully equipped with two five-watt speakers, noise-canceling microphones and an added bonus of a 2MP front-facing camera. There truly are many different features programmed within this highly-anticipated Lenovo release that have impressed even the most skeptical consumers and critics of this particular industry.

Performance, Parts and Programming
The Lenovo ThinkVision 28-inch 4K display is definitely going to turn heads within this emerging market whether consumers are interested or even familiar with Lenovo devices or not. As mentioned earlier, it has been powered and programmed with Android. What many people do not realize is that this Lenovo model is actually programmed with Android’s most recent operating system (KitKat), which means its performance and overall efficiency is far superior to the majority of other Android-powered devices that are currently available on the market today.
If you are solely interested in finding out more about what is “under the hood” of this Lenovo 28-inch monitor in addition to it being powered by Android 4.4, you may also be impressed by the fact that it comes with a NVIDIA Tegra CPU that consists of 2GB of RAM. It also comes fully equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC capabilities as well as fully functional Miracast software. Consumers searching for a large monitor that is structured and designed for comfort and ease will thoroughly enjoy the adjustable monitor stand that can easily be tilted into an absolutely flat surface level.

The Value of Internal Storage
One of the primary features and technical perks of the Lenovo ThinkVision 28-inch 4K monitor that takes it far beyond the standard realm and boundaries of the average monitor is the fact that it comes with a substantial amount of internal storage as an included bonus. Recent reports have confirmed that this ThinkVision device comes with 32GB of internal storage. Keep in mind that most monitors don’t have internal storage at all unless you are talking about the Apple iMac all-in-one computer. However, this device raises the bar of expectation higher than any other standard monitor before it by also including an integrated microSD card expansion slot just in case the average consumer wants to upgrade their storage capacity.

The Introduction of another Impressive Model
Even though it may seem as if this monitor would be in a world of its own for quite some time, the development and marketing team at Lenovo also used the CES 2014 event to debut the ThinkVision Pro2840. Keep in mind that this is just a standard monitor and doesn’t have a fraction of the features and capabilities of the ThinkVision 28. However, it is nearly half the retail price of the upgraded leading model. Therefore, consumers who are interested in investing in a large monitor that is backed and supported by the first-class quality of this brand may find that the ThinkVision Pro2840 works better with their overall budget.

A Solid Investment Choice
There are many consumers and critics who may frown at the full retail price of this new Lenovo model, especially since it has a starting price point of close to $1,200. However, when you take into consideration the extensive list of first-class benefits that places this monitor far ahead of its time, it is clear that it can be considered as a solid investment.

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