There is a wide range of iPhone accessories available on the market, and speaking of which, today we have a special accessory that will allow you to keep track on your health.

Kinsa is a special thermometer that connects to your iPhone via the headphone jack, and just like any other thermometer, it is used to keep track of your body’s temperature. As you can see, Kinsa works just as any other thermometer, but this device can also use your iPhone to assume from what illness are you suffering from. This device connects to a database known as “health weather” that checks out what illness have been recorded in your local area, so if the “heath weather” says that flu season is active in your area, it assumes you are probably suffering from flu. This is a useful feature, but bear in mind that “health weather” isn’t always correct, and if you’re not feeling well you should probably see a real doctor for more accurate diagnosis.

Kinsa thermometer sounds interesting, especially if you need a thermometer that will work with your iPhone. As for the release date and pricing, no information is available at the moment.

[via Ubergizmo]

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