We love iPhone docks, and although our technology is getting smaller this apparently is not the case with this iPhone dock, in fact, this is the world’s largest iPhone dock.

Wall of Sound 2.0 is a successor to the previous model that was launched in 2009, and this iPhone dock is 1000mm tall, 1700mm wide and 400mm thick, and it weighs about 178kg. Just like regular speaker docks Wall of Sound 2.0 comes with Bluetooth, tube amplifier, chambers for the speakers, but it also has some safety measures. This speaker dock comes with a special small monkey head that works as a volume indicator. If your volume is high the eyes on the monkey’s head will turn gold, but if you increase the volume further, the eyes will turn red notifying you that your volume is too high. After five minutes of playback in the “red zone” the monkey’s head will pop out and stop the music playback, and the only way to continue the playback is to return the head to its original position. This is unusual safety measure, but it’s there to prevent permanent hearing loss. Regarding the speakers and power, Wall of Sound 2.0 comes with 44 speakers, and it has a power of 8,000 watts.

Wall of Sound 2.0 is probably the world’s largest iPhone dock, and as for the price, this gigantic speaker dock is priced at $6,900.

[via Geeky Gadgets]

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