Have a video call with your pet using PetChatz

On December 5, 2013, in Gadgets, by Mike Jefferson

Having a pet is great, and if you want to see your pet while you’re away, today’s device might be just what you need.

PetChatz is a pet communication system that allows you to have a video call with your pet, even if you’re not in your home. This device uses a two-way video system that allows you and your pet to see each other. This device connects to Internet via WiFi network, and in order to make video calls to your pet you just have to visit PetChatz official website or use the smartphone app. We have to mention that this device can also play sounds to attract your pet or it can release certain kind of smell, or even dispense treat for your pet. PetChatz also comes with motion and sound detector, so you’ll get an alert if your pet is in the area of the device.

If you want to check on your pet even if you’re not home, PetChatz might be just what you need, but unfortunately, we have no information regarding availability or pricing.

[via Ubergizmo]

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One Response to Have a video call with your pet using PetChatz

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    stacy says:

    is this device to make people less guilty for rarely being at home and unfortunately egoistic enough to need to have an animal in your life .i got news for you guys your cat or dog would prefer your company above that of a stupid gadget whhich is also not good for their health. electro-magnetic frequencies are especially a health hazard to children and pets the bonestructure from the plates surrounding and protecting the brain is much tinner than ours(adults), really we are also in the most literal sense “thick heads”.

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