Christmas is around the corner, and although for most people December seemed to arrive early, it is time for love, family and of course, presents! In our current world with an endless stream of fantastically useful as well as fantastically useless (although completely cool) gadgets at your disposal, finding the best gadgets to spoil your loved ones (or yourself) may seem like a mountainous task.

In this fast-paced world, it seems like every day some new device is released that puts those before it to shame. Here are some of my favourite gadgets of 2013 that should definitely be filling up those Christmas stockings this year.

Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

If you thought the Android – Apple battle was one for the books, you clearly haven’t heard a debate break out between supporters of Microsoft’s Xbox One and supporters of Sony’s PS4. Being dubbed as the battle of the console, this war has turned into something of such epic proportions that South Park has even created a three-part episode focusing on this debate. The episodes see a spoof of the popular Game of Thrones series, although the two sides are not battling it out for the Iron Throne, but rather the ‘Iron Console’. Without taking sides, if you had to find either of these two items in your Christmas stocking, you are most definitely in for a treat.

Rokono BASS+ Mini Speaker

This great little speaker is perfect for turning a solo music listening session, into something social. The speaker works perfectly with any 3.5 mm audio jack, making it possible for you to enjoy decent sounding music for 10+ hours of continuous playback from a single charge while you play games, use apps or even turn your phone into an iPhone casino. The easy mobility of this speaker makes it the perfect gift for anyone who likes music (in other words, everyone).


This fantastic new gadget essentially makes it possible for someone to easily carry a guitar in their pocket. This gadget is a godsend for any avid musician who has trouble finding a time and place to practice. With the volume control, one doesn’t have to worry about annoying other’s with the repetition of the same few chords, or same monotonous tune. PocketStrings is elegant and slick, although it may bring a whole new look to the Hippie circles that we’ve grown accustomed to.

Jason is a young journalist who enjoys writing on topics such as tech, movies, news and much more. He is mostly known for his humorous approach to writing.

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