We love our Android devices, and one of the biggest worries is that our battery might run out or that we might catch a nasty malware, but luckily for all Android users, today we have a special kind of charger for your Android device.

Belkin teamed up with with security company called Kaprica to bring you Skorpion charger that will recharge your Android device, but at the same time it will protect you from malware. Skorpion charger receives definition updates via the connected device, and it’s designed to perform a deep scan on a schedule. Once ready, this charger will reboot your Android device at set time and pull down its files in order to scan them. In case that Skorpion charger finds any malware the red LED on the charge will start blinking, but you can also configure Skorpion to automatically clean infected files.

Belkin Skorpion charger sounds great, and as for the price, this charger will cost you $65. We have to mention that definition updates will cost you $3 or $4 a month, so you should also keep that in mind before buying this charger.

[via Geek]

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