How to: 3 Tips to selling tunes online

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The music industry is changing. As a musician, you do not need a record label any longer to make people hear your voice. All you need is a platform to showcase your talent. Thankfully, there are a number of places and platforms that help you showcase your talent for the world to see.
Over the years, YouTube has made quite a few people famous. Today, there are more innovative ways for a musician to get heard. Consider this, traditional radio is getting replaced by online radio and people find a variety like never before. One gifted with the talent of music can have their own web based radio station to make people listen to what you have to offer. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, performer or a composer, here is a look at three tips that you can use to sell your music online (and be famous!):

Make people react to the music
If you are selling music online, have something that oomph up the quotient. If you thought that having a record label support you were easy, think again. History states that over 98% of all major record label releases failed. The failure was for a simple reason. The singer could not make the people react to their music.

When selling music online, you need to offer something that makes people notice with what you have to offer. Think something different and sell music that’s not commonly heard. It’s only when people notice your music that you will be able to sell music online.

Do not forget to cover popular songs
Popular songs already have a fan base. If you offer popular songs or record your own version of the popular song, you are sure to attract more interest. If you are selling your own music, people can then connect with you more easily. Of course, do not forget to make yourself distinct. Just singing out popular songs will not help, you need to make yourself distinct.

Holiday themed music can do wonders
Do not forget to have holiday themed music. Be it Christmas or New Year, come up with original numbers. People tend to listen more to these songs and you have a higher probability of getting noticed. Christmas for instance, is really a great time to reach out. People are in a festive mood, away from all their work worries and music that sounds nice to the ears can work wonders.

Of course, these are just but three of the tips that can help you when you try to sell music online to millions across the globe. There are a number of other ways too to help you build a better audience. Think of the concept of search ability for instance. People need to find out about your music so why not include relevant keywords that show up in search results? Putting words in your album or song that can help people search you easily can be a great plus.

Thank you to Diana for the above guest post submission.

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