Chop-Syc: World’s first smart chopping board

On November 27, 2013, in Gadgets, by Mike Jefferson

We covered all sorts of smart devices in the past, but today we have the world’s first smart chopping board.

Siobhán Andrews is a Sharp intern and she’s the person behind this smart chopping board. Chop-Syc is actually a tablet that runs on custom software, and it comes with scratch-proof surface that allows you to safely use it in the kitchen. You can even use this tablet as a chopping board, and at the same time you can use it as an electronic recipe book, scale or a visualizer. We have to say that idea behind Chop-Syc sounds great, and this device might find its place in your kitchen, as long as you don’t mind using your electronics as a chopping board.

Chop-Syc is a one of a kind device, but sadly we don’t have much information about it, and as far as we know, this smart chopping board remains a prototype, but we might see it available someday in the future.

[via Ubergizmo]

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