Call recordings can be used in several ways to improve overall productivity of a company and have a positive impact on its bottom line.
Even in a world that seems to be dominated by the internet, many consumers still prefer to handle any customer service issues over the telephone. With so much emphasis on a business’s ability to provide quality customer support in this manner, it’s essential to use best practices when handling customer calls. RingCentral call recording is an excellent way to gage how proficient an individual or team is at doing this. It’s also a great way to ensure that companies and their agents are compliant with legislation.

Be Compliant
There are internal and external policies to adhere to for any business in any market. Companies can drastically reduce liability and risk of going through a costly court case by using call recordings. The recordings can be used to track who is operating within the guidelines set out and who needs to be reminded of how to do so.

Customer complaints need not escalate out of control and if they do, it is easy to determine how and why this happened with a recorded call. Clear recordings eradicate any confusion of who said what which also lessens the likelihood of messy court cases.

Improve Training
It’s difficult to know how a certain member of the team is performing. By recording phone calls between consumers and members of staff though, managers are able to decipher where more training is needed. Are agents knowledgeable enough to provide good customer service or do they need more training. Business owners can find out who is adding value to the company and who needs to be re-trained and in what area. This is also a brilliant way to build team morale by offering rewards to those who are performing well.

Improve Branding/Company Reputation
Recording calls gives companies inside knowledge of exactly what the customers want. Many customers will talk about their wants and needs and literally tell a member of staff what will make them spend more money on a product without even realizing what they’re saying. For those who know how to use the information wisely, call recordings can:

Discover the most frequently asked questions (and answer them on a website)
Increase customer satisfaction
Audit audio quality and make sure agents (and their valuable messages) are being heard

Increase Revenue
Businesses can track call volume and monitor different marketing campaigns easily with call recording. Find out the volume of calls by area, the reason for calls and much more. This will give businesses the opportunity to address any issues that emerge and alter shift patterns accordingly to deal with times of high call volumes. It’s also a great way to identify real-world positioning of customer on products and services and take the appropriate action.

A/B testing is a hugely successful tool within marketing. By recording calls, businesses have yet another way to measure the results of their split tests.

What to Look for in a Call Recording System
The fact is that there is a huge array of call recording services. In order to choose the best one that will fit the needs of your company, certain points must be studied.

Accessibility to recordings – Are the recordings secure? When it comes to the phone calls between consumers and businesses, there is much valuable information and businesses need to be sure that this information won’t fall in to the wrong hands. Can more than one person access the recordings at a time? This would obviously make it easier to manage the system but again, security should come into question.

Installation and setup – A call recording service that has a long list of wonderful features can meet many needs and tick all of the boxes for a company. However, the cost, initial outlay fee and overall ease of installation can be a negative point. Cloud services such as RingCentral Call Recording removes this kind of headache.

Instant playback with plenty of room for storage – Being able to listen to and deal with any problems highlighted during a conversation is a huge plus and one that could make all the difference between good customer service and excellent customer service.

Compliant – In order for a call recording system to help a company remain compliant; the recording system must be compliant itself. It’s important to remember that all parties must know that they are being recorded. The easiest way to ensure this is to include a pre-recorded message telling the caller that their call may be recorded, giving them the opportunity to hang up if they choose to.

Call Recordings Give Valuable Insight
All interactions with customers are a form of customer survey. Call recordings are an excellent way to use these miniature surveys to train staff in best practices, improve the businesses sales process and strengthen customer relations.

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