We all remember the infamous Red Ring of Death from Xbox 360, and speaking of gaming systems and issues, it seems that Sony PlayStation 4 has few of these issues as well.

Customers are reporting that their PlayStation 4 is experiencing issue called “Blue Light of Death”, which means that the light on the PlayStation 4 keeps pulsing blue, meaning that console isn’t sending signals to the TV. In normal circumstances, the light would turn from blue to white, but if you’re experiencing “Blue Light of Death” you will get stuck with a blank TV screen. Sony has posted some troubleshooting instructions on the official support forums, and according to these instructions in order to fix this issue you need to press and hold the power button for seven seconds, unplug the PlayStation 4 and power it on again. Sadly, these instructions haven’t fixed the issue for most gamers, and we still don’t know what is the cause of this issue.

This is a major problem for Sony, and so far, there’s no official workaround, so the only solution is to replace your unit for another one.

[via Ubergizmo]

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