Since iPhones first went on sale in 2007, millions of consumers have collectively spent close to $6 billion on repair costs, replacement expenses and insurance deductibles for their damaged devices. Within the year 2011 alone, over 30 percent of iPhone consumers drastically damaged their phone one way or another, according to SquareTrade. Therefore, it is not surprising why there are so many people that are rushing to retailers and online website to find a wide range of high-quality protective products and accessories that can minimize the risk of permanent damage. Whether you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, there are quite a few great products that you can purchase to protect your device as well as enhance its overall appearance.

The Sturdiness of a Protective Case

When mobile devices were first released, it was not long before protective cases and shields followed right behind them. Consumers periodically would drop their phones and cause them to become severely damaged over time. Therefore, these cases became a popular item that millions of consumers purchased almost immediately after receiving their brand new phones in order to keep them safe. Even though smartphones are much more advanced internally than traditional cell phones of old, they are nowhere near as durable or sturdy. Even if you have a leather iPhone 5 case, your smartphone’s screen can still be cracked if it is dropped hard enough. This is why it is highly recommended to purchase hard cases that are stylish yet durable for a superior level of long-term protection.

When Style Matters the Most

Although it is highly recommended for consumers to invest in protective cases that are specifically designed to be more functional than fashionable, there are a substantial number of consumers who prefer to have style over sturdiness when it comes to decorating their smartphones. If you fit within this particular category, you will more than likely prefer to invest in the fancy cases, covers and gloves that have grown into their own market. Whether you are looking of a novelty design that disguises your case as anything else besides an actual phone, or you are searching for your favorite logo, cartoon or catchy slogan, there is more than likely at least one option available that is right up your alley. However, it is important to keep in mind that your smartphone might be more visually appealing with these types of accessories but it will not receive the same level of long-term protection that it would have received from a hard or sturdy leather iPhone 5 case.

Do Not Forget About the Screen

It is imperative that you do not become too caught up with the protective casing of your smartphone to the extent that you completely forget about keeping the actual screen safe. Over 60 percent of the high-end smartphones that are severely damaged have cracked screens, according to There is an extensive line of screen protectors available for competitive prices that can really come in handy in this regard. However, having a screen protector alone will not provide the type of protective shielding that you will need to keep it safe from a fall or any type of blunt force. The key is to make sure that you invest in a bundled combination of a protective case and a screen protector together.

The Bottom Line

It is true that protective cases and screen protectors are not guaranteed to do their job in all circumstances. There are quite a few cases of smartphones being severely damaged, even with the very best quality protective equipment attached to these devices at the time. As mentioned earlier, even a top-quality leather iPhone 5 case is not going to always be able to save an enclosed phone from being damaged. However, the odds of it succeeding on a long-term basis are definitely in your favor.

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One Response to Cushioning the blow: Choosing the best accessory to protect your smartphone

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    Tony says:

    To be honest I prefer having a screen protector than a protector case..I’ve looked at the otter box and while it looks great it does add considerable bulk and they are pricey…in the other hand screen protectors are lightweight and inexpensive if you know which one to get. You can pick a GEARMAXX screen protector for cheap…They sell on ebay and are high quality, lightweight and durable!

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