Each year brings with it an exciting new array of gadgets and technological advancements. While some of these are secret up until their release, others receive a great deal of hype and media coverage. Here are some of the exciting new gadgets that are supposed to come out in 2014.

Apple’s New “Exciting Product Categories”

Over the past few months, Apple has continued to drop hints about a supposedly new and exciting product that will come out in 2014. They have described it as being the sort of device that will not fit into any of their current categories, and that’s all that they’re saying. A lot of speculation has cropped up, particularly as 2013 draws to a close. However, Apple has remained quite tightlipped, refusing to give any more hints about the new product category except that it will likely be an electronic gadget. Tech Crunch predicts that this new exciting product won’t come out until mid summer.

The Stealth Remote
One device that’s scheduled to come out either in late 2013 or early 2014 is the stealth remote. A number of electronic and gadget companies are looking to break in on this particular gadget. The remote is distinct from a universal remote as it is intended to automatically recognize the kind of television it is being directed at. The most well known model in preparation is about the size of a keychain and can actually be fastened on the keychain. It’s similar to some practical joke remotes that are already on the market, except that this one is expected to have more practical uses in the long run. According to tests, it should be as easy to use as file sharing is now with a good cloud storage program.


The Foc.us is supposed to be the first brain augmentation device that will be made available on the market. It stems out of transcranial stimulation through low electrical currents. The current studies on this indicate a general improvement in simple tasks, but it’s not yet clear whether the Foc.us will provide long term benefits for more complex tasks. However, it’s definitely getting everyone excited at the possibility. The device sits on the head like a large headband and supposedly stimulates the brain when used for just minutes a day.

Scanadu Scout

The Scanadu Scout is actually a fitness monitoring device that goes on to track all of your vital signs. All you’ll have to do to get a diagnosis is press it to your temple. It then provides all of the medical data relating to your pulse, electrical impulses, temperature, oxygen levels, and more. But it goes even further in value by providing a data analysis. It’s also expected to come out with additional add-ons that can evaluate if you’re sick and with what.

When it comes to gadgets, 2014 looks to bring a number of exciting new additions. Apple is one of the highlights, even if it has not yet revealed what the new products are going to be. The stealth remote and Foc.us look to provide great entertainment, and the Scanadu Scout could revolutionize home medicine. These are only a few of the gadgets coming out, and they will hopefully live up to the hype surrounding them.

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