Battery life is quite important, and it tends to run out of the battery on your smartphone, there are all sorts of chargers available on the market, and speaking of which, today we have one unusual charger for you.

You’ve heard about chargers that can transform kinetic energy into electricity, but if you’re not an active person, this device might be more preferable to you. Vodafone and scientists from the University of Southampton have created a unique sleeping bag called the Power Pockets, and this sleeping bag can recharge your smartphone as you sleep. This device uses thermoelectric power generators in order to convert some of your body heat into electrical energy as you sleep, thus charging your smartphone. Spending eight hours in the bag will give you enough power for 11 hours in standby mode and additional 24 minutes of talk time.

Power Pockets sounds great, especially if you love camping, but information regarding availability and price remain undisclosed.

[via Ubergizmo]

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