Google Reader has been shut down, but luckily, we got alternatives such as AOL Reader and Digg Reader, but there’s another new alternative on the market.

Unlike AOL Reader or Digg Reader, Go Read is developed by a single person, and we have to admit that it looks a lot like a Google Reader clone. Go Read is developed by Matt Jibson, and it was launched last week, and it already has more than 8000 registered users. As for development process, it took few months for Matt Jibson to fully develop Go Read. Regarding the features, Go Read has all the basic features of Google Reader, so you can easily import your feeds or use the keyboard shortcuts. One thing that we have to mention is the lack of the search feature, but Matt Jibson will add it someday in the future.

As for the future plans, Matt Jibson plans to add a subscription model in order to cover the costs, so ads will be displayed to non-subscribers.

[via Ubergizmo]

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