If you’re a gamer on a PC, you might need professional gaming hardware, and speaking of which, today we might have something for PC gamers.

Orbweaver customizable mechanical gaming keypad comes from Razer, and this ergonomic keyboard comes with mechanical key technology, and each key has actuation force of 50g. This keypad comes with 20 fully programmable keys and 8-way directional thumb-pad that can be used for movement, or as a modifier.

In addition, Razer Orbweaver comes with adjustable hand, thumb and palm-rest modules, so you can always play games in the most comfortable position. In addition, Razer has released Orbweaver Stealth Edition that uses silent mechanical keys, and each key has a actuation force of 45g.

If you’re a PC gamer and you want to enhance your gaming experience with an ergonomic gaming keypad, Orbweaver mechanical keypads might be perfect for you. As for the price, both Razer Orbweaver and Razer Orbweaver Stealth Edition and priced at $129.99.

[via iTechNews]

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