There are some unusual iPhone cases on the market, but if you want an eco-friendly iPhone case that will extend the battery life of your iPhone, today we have the perfect device for you.

Gridcase Reactor is an iPhone 5 battery case, but unlike other similar cases on the market, this one uses hand crank in order to recharge your iPhone. The case is made from two pieces, and it comes with a built-in micro-generator, a 400mAh boost battery, and a 500mA manual generator. We have to admit that Gridcase Reactor sounds incredibly useful, especially if you run out of battery when you’re travelling, or you need to make an emergency phone call, but we don’t know how much cranking will it take to recharge your phone.

Gridcase Reactor sounds interesting, and so far, it’s seeking funds at Crowd Supply, and you can preorder your own by pledging $99 to its funding. If Gridcase Reactor reaches its goal, we should see it available for sale in October for $149.

[via Ubergizmo]

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