These days, it seems that new and exciting technologies are coming out more quickly than most of us can keep track of them. A few times a year a major new smart phone is hitting the market; tablet designs are being updated at just as rapid a pace; and new file sharing and social networking programs like ShareFile and Facebook are improving the efficiency with which people communicate and conduct business. Again, it’s all rather difficult to keep track of. However, one area in which it can be not only possible but enjoyable to track the latest technology is in the market for electronic apps, available on smart phones, tablets, etc. These apps – some games, some utilities – are being created and updated every day by people all over the world. With that in mind, here are five of the top apps currently available from iTunes for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

1. WhatsApp Messenger

There is something of a trend in app development toward improved messaging and social networking platforms, and WhatsApp Messenger is the latest result of this trend. Essentially, this app – currently $0.99 in the iTunes app store – is an advanced messaging system that allows you to text friends, send photos, organize group chats, etc. at no cost. Once you own the app, the amount of content you exchange with friends, on iPhones or other smart phones, causes no additional costs.

2. Instagram

A combination of a photography enhancer and a social networking system, Instagram is a free app that has become enormously popular among users. Essentially, with Instagram you can use a variety of different effects to lend outstanding quality to your photos, and then share them publicly or with friends. You can also organize instant sharing with existing social networking platforms like Twitter or Facebook, linking your accounts.

3. Minecraft

Currently one of the most popular gaming apps available, Minecraft is simple but fun and addicting. Essentially, the game involves building structures on a geographic grid with blocks. However, within this basic concept the game has different modes – multiplayer competitions, creative modes, or even adventurous survival modes in which the structures you build must protect an area from enemies.

4. Pheed

Pheed is the latest and greatest thing in social networking, and essentially combines the best features of existing social media platforms. With Pheed, you can share text, photos, audio recordings, and even your own voice with friends in a social networking forum. Basically, it is Twitter with additional features!

5. Podcasts

Podcasts in general have become very popular for users of smart mobile phones and tablets. However, it can be difficult to find favourite podcasts for the entertainment you enjoy. The Podcasts app provides a simple way to sift through available podcasts to locate and subscribe to the ones you would most enjoy.

The above was a guest post written by Michael Summers. Michael is a freelance writer who covers a range of technology related topics. If you’d like to submit a guest post for publishing, feel free to get in touch with us!

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