Touchscreen devices are popular, however, due to their design, sometimes you might get fingerprints and smudges on your display, and today we have a device that will help you keep your touchscreen device nice and clean.

Japanese company Takara Tomy has released a new device called Auto Mee S, and it’s a tiny robot that is designed to clean touchscreen devices. Auto Mee S comes with a couple of rotating cleaning papers and a trio of tires on its bottom, so it can move over your touchscreen device on its own. Auto Mee S is capable of detecting edges of your touchscreen device, so in a way, it works like a robotic vacuum cleaner. As for the cleaning speed, it takes Auto Mee S about four minutes to clean a smartphone display, and eight minutes to clean a tablet display.

Auto Mee S is one interesting device, and it will clean your touchscreen display on its own, however, a piece of cloth and a quick wipe would be a lot faster and simpler solution.

[via Ubergizmo]

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