There are all sorts of useful gadgets on the market, and if you want a gadget that will find your grammatical errors as you write, you might be interested in today’s device.

Lernstift Pen is a self-correcting pen, and it will vibrate each time you make a mistake, while warning you about errors. This pen can be perfect for teachers, especially if they don’t have enough time to monitor all of their students. In order to inform you about your errors, this pen uses sophisticated technology that recognizes all writing movements. There are two modes available: ‘Calligraphy Mode’ and ‘Orthography Mode’, and the first mode is used to find flaws in form and legibility, while the ‘Orthography Mode’ is used to find grammatical and spelling errors.

Lernstift Pen will be useful for students, and although this device sounds impressive, so far, we have no information regarding the price or availability.

[via Ubergizmo]

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