Sony announces PlayStation 4

On February 21, 2013, in Gaming, Latest News, by Mike Jefferson

We have been waiting for PlayStation 4 for a while, and now we’re proud to inform you that Sony has announced PlayStation 4, so let’s see what will new Sony’s home console offer.

New PlayStation comes with eight-core x86 CPU and improved graphics processor, providing you with 2 teraflops of performance. In addition, new PlayStation comes with 8GB of memory and a local hard drive. In addition, PlayStation 4 also comes with new DualShock 4 controller that comes with new tracking and connectivity features. Sony has also announced a new social networking interface, and with it you’ll be able to interact with tablets and smartphones. There’s also a remote play feature that lets you transfer your PS4 games to the PlayStation Vita, and regarding the compatibility, Sony stated that they want to make every PS4 game compatible with PlayStation Vita. We also have to mention that PS4 will also carry a specialized processor that should speed up the delivery of online games. Other improvements include enhanced PlayStation Network that will get Facebook and Ustream integration, as well as a feature that allows you to try games before downloading them.

We have to say that PlayStation 4 sounds impressive, and we should see it available for holiday shopping season, however, there’s no information regarding the price.

[via Computerworld]

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