Sometimes you need to recharge several devices at the same time, and speaking of which, today we have a charger that can do that, so let’s have a closer look at it.

PowerDock 5 comes from Griffin, and it keeps your workspace neat by allowing you recharge up to five iPads simultaneously. PowerDock 5 comes with five USB charging ports and clear backrest, and this dock can recharge all sorts of smartphones and tablets, as long as you have the proper charging cables. As for the USB ports, each one provides 10 watts/2.1 amps output, so you can easily recharge tablets such as iPad. Griffin has also introduced PowerBlock Universal and PowerJolt Universal, and both of these devices are using ChargeSensor technology that provides optimal charging for all sorts of USB-chargeable devices. PowerBlock Universal comes with low profile design, and it’s designed to work with power strips and plugs and it supports 100-240 volts AC power while offering 10-watt charging. As for PowerJolt Universal, it’s a car 12-volt accessory outlet and it provides 10-watt charging.

PowerDock 5 should be available for sale this spring for $99.99, while PowerBlock Universal and PowerJolt Universal are priced at $29.99 and $24.99, respectively.

[via iTechNews]

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