Enhancing your gaming experience isn’t easy, but if you want more realistic FPS experience, you might be interested in today’s controller.

The MAG II comes from All Interactive Entertainment and it can track your movement using the motion sensing and gyroscopic induction movement tracking technology. As for this controller, you hold it like a regular gun, move by using the right analog stick, and you aim at enemies by aiming with your controller just like you would with a real gun. In addition, The MAG II comes with built-in software that can be updated via downloadable firmware updates, and thanks to the USB port, you can “unlock new functions and gameplay modes” according to the All Interactive Entertainment. In regard to compatibility, The MAG II is compatible with PlayStation 3 and PC.

The MAG II looks like an interesting controller, and it changes the way how we play first person shooters. As for the price, MAG II is priced at $150.

[via Joystiq]

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