Geeky: Steampunk NES looks amazing

On October 16, 2012, in Gadgets, by Mike Jefferson

NES was one of the most popular home consoles in the past, and if you were a fan of NES in the past, today we have something that you might like.

Although NES has been replaced by new and more powerful home consoles, some people still have a soft spot for NES, and thanks to the fans of retro gaming, today we have a modern steampunk NES mod. This NES mod has been created by Reddit user Andrew, and this mod brings a new steampunk look to a retro device such as NES. As for the device, it looks amazing, and you’re going to love it, especially if you’re fan of retro gaming consoles and steampunk.

We have to agree that this steampunk NES looks amazing, and it would be perfect for your living room, especially if you’re fan of retro games. Sadly, this is one of a kind NES, and it’s designed by Andrew as a gift for his nephew, so we won’t see it for sale.

[via Ubergizmo]

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