In the past, we have seen all sorts of iPhone and iPod speaker docks, and today we have a speaker dock designed for car enthusiasts.

iXoost speaker dock comes from Italy and it has unusual design in form of hot rod’s exhaust pipes. Each iXoost speaker dock is handmade from aluminum, and so far, there are three models available with eight cylinders, ten cylinders and twelve cylinders. Eight and ten cylinder models come with 28mm tweeters, two 25mm mid-ranges, a 100mm sub for the eight cylinder, while the ten cylinder model is using 200mm sub. The twelve cylinder model also uses the third tweeter, mid-range and a 100mm sub. We also have to mention that iXoost speaker dock will be available in several colors, finishes and leather trims.

We have to admit that iXoost speaker dock looks extraordinary, however no information regarding pricing is available at the moment, but since these speaker docks are handmade they probably won’t come cheap.

[via Ubergizmo]


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