Enjoying in music on the go might be a problem sometimes, especially if you have to carry your speakers with you, but luckily for you, today we have a device that might help you with that.

Today we have an interesting device that we want to show you, and this device is called Change Anything You Have Into A Speaker USB Vibration Speaker, or CAYHIASUSBVS for short. CAYHIASUSBVS is a device that can transform any object into a speaker using a similar technology that earless headphones use. In order to turn your objects into speakers, you need to plug the CAYHIASUSBVS into the USB and in Audio-Out port on your computer, and place the CAYHIASUSBVS on a flat surface, and that surface will instantly be transformed into a speaker. We have to mention that CAYHIASUSBVS won’t provide you with an amazing sound quality, but it’s better than carrying portable speakers with you at all times.

CAYHIASUSBVS measures 80mm x 117mm x 80mm, and as for the price, this device costs about $40.

[via Ubergizmo]

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