Until now, the smartphone market has been lacking in a true high tech wrist watch or ‘smart watch’ that perfectly pairs and shares the capabilities of our smartphones. Sure LG had a proper go at it with the LG GD910 but it was expensive and never picked up in popularity. This is why we think the Allerta Pebble smart watch will be big.


The Pebble smart watch is equipped with a 1.26-inch 144×168-pixel black and white e-Paper display and features bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, four buttons, a vibrating motor and a three-axis accelerometer. But the best feature is how the watch is highly customisable and supports downloadable applications, including apps allowing you to control music, monitor your cycling, running and golfing etc, once it is paired via bluetooth with your iPhone or Android device.

The fact that the watch is capable of running several watch apps simultaneously is simply unlike anything seenn before. Watch apps can be installed over Bluetooth using the Pebble iOS or Android app.

Though the Pebble e-Paper smart watch is only still a concept at the moment over at Kickstarter, Pebble Technology managed to get what they pledged for within two hours, we suspect its popularity will definitely see it through to production. Its retail price will likely be around the $150 mark when it releases later this year.

Find out more about the Pebble smart watch over at the Kickstarter page here

[via TechChee]

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One Response to Allerta Pebble e-paper wrist watch pairs perfectly with your iPhone and Android device

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    Devon Page says:

    Really love the watch, design and concept. Saw this first on Kickstarter but may wait until the product has been out for a bit before I think about purchasing it.

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