Turn your iPhone into smart ball with TheO

On March 1, 2012, in Gadgets, Gaming, by Mike Jefferson

We know that gaming isn’t perfect and social on iPhone, but thanks to the products such as TheO, iPhone gaming might advance to another level in the future.

TheO is not a hi-tech accessory for your iPhone, it’s actually a foam ball with a cutout for your iPhone, and it turns your iPhone into a smart ball. TheO combines the physical activity, and iPhone gaming into one thanks to the iPhone’s accelerometer. You just need to place your iPhone inside the TheO, and choose one of the three games that you wish to play with your friends. List of available games includes Hot Potato, Interrogo and Bowling, but we hope that there will be more games in the future.

We admit that TheO sounds interesting, but so far, we don’t know when we will see TheO available, and how much will it cost. In addition, there are some safety concerns as well, because you don’t want your iPhone to slip from TheO, do you?

[via Ubergizmo]

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One Response to Turn your iPhone into smart ball with TheO

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    Gustavo says:

    I never put a $700 Hi-Tech device into a foam ball and throw it away…

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