Although tablets are great multimedia devices, they come with average built-in speakers, therefore, it’s no wonder that many tablet owners are using external speakers, and if you’re looking for external speakers for your tablet, today we have a model that you might like.

Design studio NEW has introduced its new wireless speakers called Zooka. Zooka is a durable and portable wireless speaker, and it is fully compatible with your tablet, smartphone, music player, or any other Bluetooth device. Thanks to its unique design, you can easily attach Zooka on to the bezel of your tablet, and thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy in your favorite music with ease. If your device doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can connect it to Zooka via standard 3.5mm audio jack. As for battery life, we should mention that Zooka provides 8 hours of playback on full charge.

Zooka is one interesting portable speaker, however, it’s still a Kickstarter project, so we won’t see it on the market anytime soon.

[via Ubergizmo]

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    akshay jedhe says:

    i like it……

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