spnKiX: Futuristic shoes with built-in motor

On January 2, 2012, in Gadgets, by Mike Jefferson

When you think about future, the first thing that comes to your mind are flying cars, but since we still cannot produce flying cars, maybe you’ll be interested in a pair of motorized shoes?

Today we want to present you the latest futuristic shoes called spnKiX, and what makes spnKiX different from the other shoes is that each spnKiX shoe comes with a built-in motor. We have to add that each shoe comes with battery that takes two to three hours to recharge, and the battery can last two or three miles on a single charge. According the spnKiX designer, Peter Treadway, these shoes can achieve speed of 10mph, and they come with safety straps, so you can strap them on your current pair of shoes with ease. In addition, a wireless remote controller is available and it is used to control the shoes.

spnKiX shoes look incredible, but there are some safety concerns, and as for the availability, spnKiX shoes are Kickstarter project, but we might see them in future someday soon.

[via Ubergizmo]


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2 Responses to spnKiX: Futuristic shoes with built-in motor

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    Ann says:

    Well technogy is growing still big to make our world small!…

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