Unlike Android users, if you’re an iOS device owner you’ll have noticed you don’t have the luxury of choosing fancy ‘live’ / moving wallpapers. I’ve found this especially annoying as an iPhone 4 user because the retinal display would have been brilliant for this task should Apple have enabled this feature. But the obvious downside would have been a compromise to battery life. Nevertheless vWallpaper is an app that’s been around for a while but now compatible with iOS 5.


As you will have guessed correctly, such a function would not possibly be authorised by Apple and hence the app is available for download only via Cydia meaning you will need to jailbreak your iOS 5 device.
vWallpaper 2 not only allows users to replace static wallpaper with videos but it also comes with cool effects like particles, 3D objects, HTML widgets and lots more. Check it out in the video below…

If you’re interested, here’s how to get vWallpaper 2 up and running:

  1. Launch Cydia
  2. Tap on Manage
  3. Then tap on Sources
  4. Tap on the Edit button at the top right corner and then tap the Add button
  5. Enter the following URL – http://deb.danstaface.net and tap on Add Source
  6. After skrew’s source has been successfully added it, tap on Return to Cydia button
  7. Tap on the Search tab and search for vWallpaper 2
  8. Tap on vWallpaper 2 for iOS 5/ARMV7 from the search results and tap on Install and then Confirm buttons to install it
  9. After it is successfully installed, it will automatically restart the Springboard
  10. You should now be able to find the vWallpaper2 icon on your iPhone’s home screen
  11. Tap on it to launch vWallpaper 2
  12. Tap on ‘Manage current theme’
  13. Then tap on the Video toggle where you will get an option to download video from various repositories or select from the default videos: Wave.mp4 or electriblue.mp4
  14. You also have the option to add cool effects like particles, magic fingers (seen in the video above), 3D objects, HTML widgets to the video wallpaper on that settings screen
  15. That’s it, now tap on the Home button. It will automatically respring your Springboard and you should be able the see the video wallpaper in all it’s glory


[via Redmondpie]

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