We all know that Windows 8 will offer a variety of features, and regarding the upcoming features, we’re pleased to inform you that Windows 8 will have an improved password management system.

You probably use a variety of passwords on your computer, so it’s not uncommon that you lose or forget your password, and the only solution for that problem is to request a new password, but that can be a tedious process sometimes. Luckily for you, Windows 8 will try to eliminate this problem with enhanced password storage and syncing feature. By logging in to Windows 8 with your Live ID, you’ll automatically retrieve passwords that you’ve used on this computer, and all your website passwords will be saved on Internet Explorer 10, so you won’t have to log in again. However, if you need to see those passwords, you can do so easily right from the credential manager.

Password storage and synchronizing feature sounds promising, however it has it flaws, but we can’t wait to see how it works in action.

[via Ubergizmo]

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