We saw all sorts of geeky devices and hacks in the past, but today we have a hack that will make cooking more fun, especially if you’re fan of microwaves and YouTube videos.

Today we have a microwave hack that combines cooking with YouTube videos thanks to the built-in tablet. Students from University of Pennsylvania created a microwave hack called μWave, and this hack combines Arduino with a TouchPad that is built in to the microwave door. As you’ve probably guessed it, the sole purpose of this tablet is to watch videos on it while you’re cooking food, but what makes μWave special is the fact that the microwave itself searches the videos instead of you. That’s right, the oven will analyze the time that is required for cooking of your food, and it will automatically find and play a YouTube video that matches the cooking time of your microwave.

We have to admit that μWave sounds incredible, but sadly, we doubt that this oven will ever be available for purchase.

[via Ubergizmo]


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