Universal remote controllers are rather popular nowadays, and you probably remember the VooMote One, an accessory that turns your iOS devices into universal remote controllers, and if you liked VooMote One, you’re probably going to love the similar tool that we have for you today.

It is called iRule, and according to its developers, iRule can work with your TV, DVD, and all other devices in your home. In order to remotely control the devices in your home, you’ll need to purchase gateways and a license for iRule, and you’re good to go. Of course, you need to set up the gateways and create device commands online using the iRule Builder, and after that, you can synchronize the commands with iRule on your iOS device and control all devices in your home. In addition, iRule can control IP devices over your WiFi network, which means that you can control all your devices from a single iOS device.

iRule is a great service that turns your iOS device into universal remote controller, and as for the price, iRule license costs $49.99, and there’s also a pro license that costs $99.99.

[via Ubergizmo]

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