Since the public release of Google+, it seems that Facebook has decided to gear up, and after adding Top Stories and Ticker feature, Facebook is preparing a new feature called Timeline.

With Timeline, you’ll be able to inform your friends about your recent activity in chronological order with new and innovative user interface. In addition, you can also add information related to past events as well, although adding past information is completely optional. You can add both videos, photos, and classify them by year, so that your friends can have chronological story about your past. Of course, you can hide segments of your Timeline from certain people and strangers if you’re concerned about your privacy.

Facebook is seriously determined to enhance user experience, and now you’ll be able to share almost your entire life with your Facebook friends. As for the release of Timeline, we should probably see it in next few weeks.

[via Ubergizmo]


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One Response to Facebook Timeline feature shares your entire life with your Facebook friends

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    Mezzo says:

    A questionable enhancement. There are too many fakebook friends (fake friends on facebook) and they do not deserve the trust of unlimited access. Perhaps only your immediate family or siblings should have a “protected status” to follow your timeline with confidence that the details are secure. For example, Facebook could introduce an equivalent to https – httpf for facebook family secure interface.

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