As far as I’m aware, I know my Macs are reasonably eco-friendly (but don’t ask me for the exact CO2 emission), however if you happen to be an eco-Mac-geek and fancy cutting down your contribution to the ozone layer further Logitech have now got a new keyboard you might like to check out.

In fact, the Logitech wireless solar keyboard has been around for a few months, the only difference is that it was available only for Windows PCs. Users on Amazon have given it brilliant reviews and feedback overall is fantastic, the fact that the keyboard is pretty portable, slim and can go on without any light for three whole months has been its main selling point. For this new Mac version, very little of that has changed – standard layout with concaved keys for greater comfort, as a bonus though, it will be available in five different colours as you can see below. Compatibility will be with all Macs, OS X 10.4 or above.

Logitech is taking pre-orders now and selling it for $20 less than the list price of the $79.99 PC version at $59.99. If you’re in the UK, that gets bumped up abit to £69.99. Despite the pricetag, we still think its a product worth looking into and we’re certainly looking forward to get our hands on it for a more thorough review soon.

Many thanks to Justin for the tip!

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