If you ever lose your iPhone, you can always find it by using Find my iPhone app, but what can you do if you lose your Mac? Luckily, Apple has recently enabled beta testing of a new handy feature called Find my Mac to developers.

Although it’s alot harder to misplace your Mac, due to its size, this feature can be useful in case someone steals it from you. As you know, Find my iPhone app uses built-in GPS, but since Macs don’t come with GPS hence Find my Mac utilizes other tools in order to finding your missing Mac.

In order to find your missing Mac, Find my Mac app will use nearby WiFi networks to determine the computer’s location. Just like with Find my iPhone app, users will have the ability of sending a message to their Mac, locking it, or even deleting the entire hard drive remotely.

The only drawback of this app is that it relies on a WiFi network, and if there’s no WiFi network around you won’t be able to find your Mac, also it won’t be as precise. As for availability, we should see this app released this Fall, and it will be available free of charge.

[via Engadget]

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