Our very highest regards go to Wes Pitter who is the creator and designer of this amazing Lego masterpiece. The Lego made yellow Camaro you see below took Wes two years of his spare time to assemble, this wasn’t because he had difficulty putting together the car but as you will probably appreciate, its not easy to put together bricks that can transform and take shape of a completely different from, without having to dissemble it.

The transformation might not be a pretty process, as Wes himself admits, but the end result is just outstanding. It is hard enough to create Lego models as it is, but to create exact replicas that also transform to perfection into a completely different form is mastery at its very best. Check out the gallery below, for more details do click on the source link at the bottom.

[via MOC Pages]

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2 Responses to Lego Transformers Bumble Bee Camaro replica actually transforms

  1. 1
    grace caguioa says:

    me,yan ang bilhin mung sasakyan pag yumaman ka na.hahaha

  2. 2
    Bex says:

    Nice work mate.

    By any chance would you share instructions

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