Logging in to several different sites everyday can get quite tedious after a while, especially if you’re using different logins for all these websites. Luckily, there’s a new solution from Mozilla that called BrowserID that can save your precious time.

BrowserID is decentralized identity system called BrowserID that utilizes email addresses instead of standard usernames and passwords for user authentication on various websites. After setting up their BrowserID, there’s no more need for users to verify their identity by typing their usernames and passwords on websites that they visit, if those websites support BrowserID. According to the Mozilla, the process is secure because sites get proof of ownership with cryptography of public key. In addition, Mozilla has its own verification service, so you can get started without writing a single line of cryptic code. BrowserID, makes a login process a lot simpler, because you login with a single click, and it also provides additional layer of privacy, because BrowserID doesn’t involve identify provides in the login transactions.

BrowserID has a lot to offer, and it’s compatible with all modern browsers, the only flaw of this service is that there’s a small number of websites compatible with it at the moment.

[via PC Mag]

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