If you’re a fan of lasers and DIY projects we have a special treat for you, the first hand-mounted laser, that resembles to the laser from Iron Man movies.

This DIY project is made by Patrick Priebe, an Iron Man fan, and according to him, his hand-mounted laser can blind people instantly, and it can even burn your skin. As for the parts, Patrick Priebe used a 1,000-mw 445nm laser diode that is available commercially. Besides this laser, he also used 2mm sheet made out of brass so he can nicely position entire device on his hand. Besides holding the device on his hand, this brass sheet also works as a heat sink, which means that this laser can be used continually for three minutes. After that, cool down is required or you’ll get your hand burned.

This DIY is interesting, and although it has a few flaws, it still works rather well. Luckily, Patrick didn’t leave any instructions on how to create more of these lasers.

[via Ubergizmo]

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    […] DIY geekiness: Hand-mounted laser can blind you and burn your skin […]

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