The Korea Times has launched a rumor that the iPad 3 will have an improved,  high resolution display, to be more precise – 2048×1536, the new display would have the current aspect ratio of 4:3 but it will still be capable of full HD. So if this is true, than the iPad 3 will have the same price of a device with Retina Display ?

It’s very likely, among other things that have surfaced, there is a rumor according to which the displays will be made by Samsung and LG with a new technology called low temperature polysilicon. With this new technology, besides a higher resolution, the displays will also have a longer life span than the AMOLED, and according to rumors Apple is already testing this great new technology for use in their new iPad 3.

We can’t say if this rumor is true or not, but if we look in the past, the iPhone 4 has a much denser screen than the iPad 2, and of course with each new generation of products, the iPhone and the iPad they upgraded their displays.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if this rumor is true or not , but if it is true than this will be a great improvement to both popularity and probably even profit for Apple.

[via Appletell]

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One Response to Could the iPad 3 have a 2048 by 1536 display?

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    For some reason I’m getting tired of the iPad’s new releases after several months..and it’s just even the second time it released a new version.

    If you think of it, if you already have an iphone or an ipad, you can just opt to not buy one anymore. It has almost the same features except with the calling and the text functions.

    If I’m going to buy an iphone or ipad, I’m going to buy one that corresponds to my birthday or my favorite number so it means something to me.

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