If you’re concerned that your SMS messages might be read by an unauthorized third party, there are apps such as SecurSend that will encrypt all your SMS messages with ease. SecurSend comes in two versions, SecurSend Lite that is available for free on Android Market, and a paid version that comes with some extra security features. In order to send a message, you’ll need to set a password, and after sending a text message, the receiver will have to type that same password in order to read it. We have to mention that this app only encrypts text messages, so if you want to encrypt multimedia or emails, you’ll have to find a different solution. Besides that, the paid version of SecurSend will add an additional security layer that includes stenography feature that hides the actual message in a picture, so you’ll have doubled security as well.

The free version of SecurSend offers a solid security and encryption that will be enough for most users, but if you want more security, you can always get paid version of SecurSend.

[via Geeky Gadgets]

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