We love our Lego here at GadgetLite but its been awhile since we last featured a Lego related PC case mod. Just in time, this one has blown me away with the amount of detail its modder – Wang191 managed to put into this, rightly so, it took him nine months to complete but what a masterpiece.

The hard drive, optical cages, and motherboard tray of the case are the only portion not constructed from Lego. All of the cables and wires are hidden in the Lego blocks. Blue illuminated EL wire is snaked through the case.

The amount of detail doesn’t stop on the inside though, inside the story continues, stuffed full of Lego, but just the right amount to keep the PC itself ventilated. Wang191 even changed the backlit lighting of his keyboard to match that of his new Lego PC, check it out in the gallery below.

[via Case Mod Blog]

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One Response to Insanely detailed Lego PC case mod by Wang191

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    Daaaamn! says:

    Man this guy is awesome. The detail outside looks pretty neat already. But when you look at the insides of the case, it’s like a master of LEGO did this. I love how the detail inside was worked on.

    I admit it looks a bit confusing at first but when you look closer, you’ll see a lot of lego men look like working.

    one question: how bout the overheating issue? Will there be any?

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